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Take your hair to the next level, say goodbye to dryness and welcome heathier happier hair. No more split ends, protect your hair from moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. Satin Hair Wraps helps reduce breakage while the hair stays hydrated and keeps your hair style in tack.


Premium Silky Satin

Length: 64"

Width: 4"

One Size

Care: Delicate machine wash or hand wash


Hair Diva Satin Wrap

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    • Hair Diva Unit™ Care Instructions
      After thoroughly cleansing hair, follow steps for maximum styling results using RE-PLENISH™ Triple Set Collection. 1. Apply RE-PLENISH™ Detangler Hydrating Mist, comb thoroughly from ends to base (do not rinse out). 2. Apply RE-PLENISH™ Sculpting Mousse. Mold hair, sit under dyer until thoroughly dry. 3. Apply RE-PLENISH™ Nourishing Gloss, style as desired. *Avoid using excessive hot tools. Hair Diva Unit™ - Gently hand shampoo *Do Not over manipulate unit while shampooing, condition and rinse unit thoroughly, blow dry or air-dry and style as desired. Book appointment to have your unit cut / styled as desired.
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