What are your products made with?

Our produts are made with natural and orgainic formulated ingredients. We have convenienytly provided the ingredients for each product listed in the product description.

What if I have an allegeric reaction to your products?

We recommend discontiune use immediately and contact your physican. *We are not responable for allegeric reactions to any of our products, some products are made with nut ingredients.

Do I have to have natural hair to use your products?

Our products are suited for women, children and men benifiting all hair types, whether chemically treated or natural hair.

I have general questions about your company and products. How can I contact you?

Click on our contact tab and send us your question(s). Please allow a 48 hour turnaround for a response.

How can I register to be a hair model?

Visit the home page at the top in the navigation menu click the hair model tab or scroll down and you will see a section to become a Hair Diva Fashions hair model click the button and complete all fields. If you do not provide all requirements you will not be able to submit.


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