Who Is She Behind The Chair 

License Master Hair Stylist and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner Tiffany Brown is the owner of  Hair Diva Fashions, LLC. Tiffany specializes in women precision hair cuts, her passion for cutting hair developed over the years after cutting off her long hair and never looking back. Tiffany's clientele base consist of women with short hair along who have Alopecia. Tiffany helps women gain back the confidence they once had by offering alternative short hair styles and protective solutions.  Tiffany's evolving love for hair allowed her to add to her repertoire with introducing hair care product Nourishing Gloss in 2016, that sold on the shelves of a beauty supply store located in NJ. Tiffany knew she wanted to keep her hair care line growing, thereafter to soon introduce an expansion to Nourishing Gloss that is now newly formulated in addition to offering natural and organic formulated hair care products that are suited for women, children and men of all hair types that consumers will love .

Honing her own creative technique with an exotic flare became her signature "Hair Diva" style. She believes hair is a conversation piece meant to speak for itself.  Tiffany enjoys being able to provide a platform where she can further advertise and promote her business to a broader audience to help give insightful hair care tips and demonstrations at expos, entrepreneur events and more. She currently provides services to clients in a salon located in Somerset, NJ and accepts new clientele by appointments only. Tiffany continues to elevate and educate herself with new techniques and skills within her profession.


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